About US

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CIC has been promoted by a group of Chennaivasis with interests as diverse as the rainbow of colours in the logo, who have yet, come together with a singular focus, to create a platform for the city to express itself.

CIC aspires to:

• Be a spa for the mind and the soul, a place where achievers of today, yesterday and tomorrow will meet, interact, debate and discuss transformative ideas
• Foster cross-cultural conversation and collaboration
• Showcase role models for the youth and unleash their power to create positive socio-economic change

THE Charter

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• Promoting a healthy exchange of information and ideas in the disciplines of political science, education, business, culture, art, science and social sciences
• Applying these ideas and improving the quality of life for the benefit of humanity at large
Promoting collaboration amongst the persons engaged or interested in the above mentioned disciplines and also encouraging interaction between the public and experts in these fields
Encouraging debate in these fields among experts and providing avenues for new lines of thinking and research
• Helping bright Indian minds infuence global thinking and bringing global thought leaders to address Chennai
Engaging with the next generation by holding interactions with schools, colleges and educational institutions
• Sharing Chennai’s rich history, culture and showcasing the achievements of our truly world-class talent


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Patrons Photo

Dr V Shanta
K Parasaran
Dr C Rangarajan
Dr P C Reddy
R Thyagarajan
Dr S S Badrinath
M K Narayanan
N Vaghul
Suresh Krishna
AVM Saravanan
R K Raghavan
T S Krishnamurthy
Padma Subramaniam
N Gopalaswami
Sudharani Raghupathy
N Ram
M V Subbiah

CIC Trust

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Gopal Srinivasan
M S Srinivasan
N Lakshmi Narayanan
Prakash Challa
Venugopal Kasturi
V Ravichandar
R Anand
P H Arvindh Pandian
Rajeev Mecheri
Kiran Reddy
Rahul Mammen Mappillai
Vellayan Subbiah

CIC Trust is the sponsor and promoter of CIC which is a Section 8 company

The board

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M S Srinivasan
N Lakshmi Narayanan
Prakash Challa
V Ravichandar
K Venugopal
Gopal Srinivasan
R Anand
Rajeev Mecheri
Kiran Reddy
Rahul Mammen
Nina B Kothari
Pooja Jhaver
Irshad Ahmed Mecca
Vanitha Shankar (Executive Director)


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Nandan Nilekani
Alternate view of the future

T M Krishna
Inclusiveness of Music

Mukund G Rajan
Continuity through Change - TATA in the era
of Liberation

Vinay Sitapathi
Half Lion book discussion with M K Narayan
and Praveen Chakravarthy

Nirmala Sitharaman
Discussion on Economy with Preeta Reddy

Rakesh K Kaul
Last Queen of Kashmir with Sanjay Kaul

Ven. Rinpoche
Uncompromising Ethics for a Compromised World
with Ven. Priyadarshi & S. Gurumurthy

In conversation with Mystic

Sadhguru with Gopal Srinivasan
& Raju Venkatraman

Vijay Amritraj
in conversation with Vivek Reddy
Glenn McGrath
in conversation with N. Ram

Viswanathan Anand
"Chess - Evolution from Mind
to Machine in conversation with
IM Saravanan

Dr. Bibek Debroy
in conversation with Dr. S. VaidyaSubramanian

G. Parthasarathy
Emerging Opportunities, Challenges and Role of India
from Malacca to Aden

M K Narayanan, P S Raghavan & Jayadev Ranade
Panel Session on - Is China the new Hegemon ? - Challenges
before India"

Martin Indyk and Harshavardhana Singh
Trump's Geo-Political Agenda and
what it could mean for India

J Chelameswar in conversation with
N Gopalaswami on Rule of Law and
Civil Society

Shobu Yarlaggada & S S Rajamouli in conversation with
Mr Rajiv Menon on making a
Pan India Blockbuster

Shaktikanta Das in conversation with Aarati Krishnan