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RSS and its Defying the odds at Gabba: WV Raman, R Mohan | CIC

Business Visionaries Series - Presenting the Sequoia Story

Will the New Farm Acts unleash the potential of Indian Agriculture

COVID-19 Endgame Scenarios Confirmation

Solving social issues using digital technologies

COVID-19 & India-China Global Dynamics

Rebuilding the economy | Jayant Sinha, MP

Looking beyond COVID-19 times : The Roadmap ahead | Sridhar Vembu | CIC

Indias 5G Vision - A peek into the impending big leap

Nationalism & Secularism : Have they become Opposites In today's India?

The Making of Electronics in India An All-Hands Approach

The Political Beliefs Of The Indian Right.

Interactions between India, Israel and West Asia

Vision for TamilNadu: The Next Orbit (Part 2)

Strategy For New India @ 75

Spotlight Series - Suhasini Maniratnam

SEBI in the News: What's The Insider's Take? Shri Mahalingam in conversation with R Balakrishnan

TN Manoharan/ Shyam Srinivasan – Moderated by Radhika Merwin 

Banks: From the Brink

Saumil Majmudar


Moderated by Pradeep Yadav-IAS, Mainstreaming Sports in Schools

K V Chowdary, Central Vigilance Commissioner


Role of Citizen in curbing curruption, Moderated by Mr. Mukund Padmanabhan

Dr. M. Anandakrishnan


“Imperatives for a new educational Curriculum”

Shobu Yarlagadda & S.S.Rajamouli wRajiv Menon


Making of a Pan India Blockbuster : Shobu Yarlagadda, Producer & S. S. Rajamouli, Director "Baahubali" in conversation with Rajiv Menon

G. Parthasarathy


Emerging Opportunities, Challenges and Role of Indian from Malacca to Aden

Vijay Amritraj 


In Conversation with Vivek Reddy

Nirmala Sitharamam


“Discussion on Economy” - With Preetha Reddy

India-US gravity: What will pull the two nations together?

RSS and its Vision

India's Economic Recovery

What the US Election Could mean for India

Business Visionaries Series: The Freshworks Story

Atmanirbhar Bharat | Bridging the gaps for the MSME sector

The Saga of migrant workers

From Lockdown to the Long Haul

COVID -19: Are we ready to diagnose in Scale?

Art and the Unquiet Mind

Rural Development Understanding What Works and What Does Not

Business Visionary Series

Life Lesson Series by Nanditha  Krishna

Block Chain - Beyond The Technology

Vision for TamilNadu: The Next Orbit (Part 1)

Season special: Classical music and dance - weaving in the vibrancy of performing arts in the Indian story

From Touch To Talk: A Digital Journey

Sushila Ravindranath


Congress to the Dravidian Years: The Understated Tamil Nadu

Ashwin Sanghi

Writing Fiction for today from India of the past

Release of Book - "Faster, Smarter, Greener - The Future of the Car and Urban Mobility" by Dr. V Sumantran

In Discussion with Dr. Nagendra Palle, CEO, Mahindra First Choice Wheels Pvt. Ltd

Release of Book - "Black Money and Tax Havens" by Prof. R. Vaidyanathan


First Copy Released by Mr. R. Thyagarajan and received by Mr. S. Gurumurthy followed by discussion on Black Money by Prof. R. Vaidhyanathan and Mr. Raghuvir Srinivasan

Shiv Nadar (CIC 1st Anniversary)


In a fire side conversation with Mr. R. Srinivasan and Mr. Pradeep Gupta on the theme "Beyond Business"

J. Chelameswar & N. Gopalaswami


Rule of Law & Civil Society

Dr. Bibek Debroy


In converstion with Dr. S. Vaidhyasubramanian



In Conversation with Mystic - Gopal Srinivasan & Raju Venkatraman

Vinay Sitapathi


“Half Lion” Book discussion with M K Narayan and Praveen Chakravarthy

Food & Faith: Shoba Narayan in conversation with Priyadarshini Govind

What does 2021 hold for Healthcare, Arts, Education, Hospitality & Law?

A pipe dream or Can we dare to dream?

Influencing behaviour change during COVID-19 times by SN Srikanth

How green can India's economic recovery be?

India's economic outlook: Covid-19 & after 

Reviving Tamil Nadu's Economy | Strengthening Investments, Reforms & Stimulus

Charitable Chennai: Reaching out in the time of crisis

COVID-19: Lesser known facts, Dr Ramasubramanian, Senior consultant, Infectious Diseases, Apollo.

The Current National Situation: Where are We Headed?

Mysteries of Judicial Appointments

Chennai's Water Body Restoration

Multilateralism of Global Development and Sustainability

The Commercial Meditation Monograph (Part 2)

Impact at Scale and With Heart. Transforming lives, Empowering Uncommon Leaders. A talk by Ashok Alexander

In Search of our Missing Past: A descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive perspective on lost Indian art pieces and artefacts.

Depreciating Rupee: An Economic Weakness?

The Sterlite Story Unplugged

MK Narayanan

Sanjeev Sanyal

Rethinking Indian History - Moderated by V Sriram

Pankaj Kumar Bhansal & Ramesh Mangaleswaran


Can The Metro Rail Transform Chennai

Mr. S. Gurumurthy


Demonetisation - Its role, impact and follow up Moderated by Mr. Sumanth C Raman

Rahul Narayanan


In conversation with Lakshmi Narayanan on Mission to the Moon : Fuelled by Ambition

Martin Indyk & Harshavardhana Singh


“Trump’s Geo – Political Agenda : What it could mean for India”

GM Viswanathan Anand

"Chess Evolution from mind to machine” in conversation with IM. V. Saravanan



“Uncompromising Ethics for a Compromised World” with Ven.Priyadarshi & S. Gurumurthy

T M Krishna


“Inclusiveness in Music” - in conversation with Gopal Krishna Gandhi

Budget 2021: Resetting the Indian Mindset 

A Road Well Travelled

The Changing Landscape of Indian Cinema

India's Learning Curve: NEP & the road to implementation 

Innovation in Traditional Crafts

Health & Economy - Threat to life and impact on Livelihood 

Getting back to work - What you need to know

Finding Peace of Mind in Times of Uncertainty | Dr Shyam Bhat | CIC

Improving School Education in India

Making Luck an Ally: Rehan Khan in Conversation with Mithun Sancheti

The Revolutionaries 
The Alternative History of India's Freedom Movement. 

Is India's Vision On Healthcare Holistic?

How India Voted

The Commercial Meditation Monograph

Business Visionaries Series

Arthur Brooks in conversation with Sadanand Dhume

Clash Of Culture


Hon’ble VP of India – Shri Venkaiah Naidu (2nd anniversary special programme)

The persistent Rural & Urban Divide

Arvind Subramanian

Union Budget 2018-19- Moderated by Dr. V Anantha Nageswaran

N Gopalswamy & T S Krishnamurthy


Fine Tuning Electoral Democracy

Mr. A. R. Rahman


In conversation with Mr. Bharat Bala "The Soul of Music"

Shaktikanta Das


State of India's Economy, the way forward in conversation with Aarati Krishnan

M. K. Narayanan, P.S. Raghavan & Jayadev Rande


Panel Session on “Is China the new Hegemon? – Challenges before India

Mr. Glenn Donald McGrath


In Conversation with Mr. N. Ram

Rakesh K Kaul


“Last Queen of Kashmir-” - Sanjay Kaul Presided

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