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About Chennai International Centre

Who We Are

Founded in 2016, the Chennai International Centre was conceived by some of the city’s accomplished industrialists and professionals with an objective of creating an intellectual hub for the city’s intelligentsia to meet, share, discuss, and evolve transformational ideas. By bringing together like-minded and accomplished people across various dimensions of our city’s socio-economic construct, the centre hopes to provide thought-leadership by acting a catalyst for unconventional solutions to longstanding problems. 

The Centre has a diverse and strong membership of professionals, entrepreneurs, academicians, environmentalists, Government administrators, media persons, and historians who are dedicated towards contributing to shaping the economic, social and political gradient of our country.

What We Do


It is our desire to build a very strong database of rich resourceful information that would serve as catalyst for contemporary socio-economic thinking and policy making. Over time, we would like to build an indigenous library of writing, video archives, works of art, speech and words, which our members and their acquaintances have contributed as part of this institution. Our physical infrastructure is intended to include an auditorium, conference rooms, discussion pods, library, audio-visual facilities, cafeteria, and facility for minimal boarding and lodging in order to make it convenient for our members as well as guests from elsewhere to visit and engage with us frequently and meaningfully.​

The Charter

MNJ_7515-3008x2008 (1).JPG
  • Promoting a healthy exchange of information and ideas in the disciplines of political science, education, business, culture, art, science and social sciences

  • Applying these ideas and improving the quality of life for the benefit of humanity at large

  • Promoting collaboration amongst the persons engaged or interested in the above-mentioned disciplines and encouraging interaction between the public and experts in these fields

  • Encouraging debate in these fields among experts and providing avenues for new lines of thinking and research

  • Helping bright Indian minds influence global thinking and bringing global thought leaders to address Chennai

  • Engaging with the next generation by holding interactions with schools, colleges and educational institutions

  • Sharing Chennai’s rich history, culture and showcasing the achievements of our truly world-class talent

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